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For more than twenty years we have provided support for people in need of: individual, family and couples counseling, educational assistance, conflict resolution court ordered parent education for families experiencing divorce or custodial issues and pre-marital counseling and addiction counseling.

We believe that every one in every age group from young children to senior citizens can improve their lives by exploring their behavior and change process.

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Palm Beach Post article by Doyle, Laura Fine

Desperate times call for desperate measures, says Beth Cutler of Successful Unions, Inc. Counseling Centers in Deerfield Beach. And with a divorce rate that predicts nearly half of all American marriages will fail, couples are searching for anything that can keep their family together.

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By Douglas Kalajian Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

What can you learn in four hours? Forget quantum mechanics. Same for sheep cloning and laparoscopic surgery IT takes some of us that long to find to on-off button on a new camcorder.

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Authored by Sherry Suib Cohen for Family Circle Magazine June 10, 2001

Mindy Farber and Frank Gennaro brough the silverware, put down a deposit on a nice little apartment is South Beach, Florida, was planned to invite 93 guests to their wedding. A month before the big day, they heard some enticing news.

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Fear Factor by Kelli Kennedy for the Boca Raton News

Principles private counselors focusing on Anti-anxiety techniques Although many elementary students can’t define the word stress, many say that they can identify with butterflies they get in the pit of their stomach before a big test or T-ball game.

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Anger Stress Management

Stress can be incredibly waring on the body and mind. Manage every day stress more elegantly.


We know that (62%)sixty per cent off all relationships United States end in violence. Learn strategies for effective communication through meditation

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The workplace can be a stressful environment. Reported incident of sexual harassment in the workplace have dramatically increased. Acquire skills that will enable you to recognize the signs in the workplace.

Triggers to Youth Violence

Recognize the symptoms that trigger violent behavior in children. Learn to cope with behaviors before they reach the violent stage. Help your child to recognize his/her behaviors and manage stressful conditions which trigger violence.


Are your children driving you crazy? Learn tools to effectively manage your home environment.


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  • Educational Development

    Successful Unions, Inc teaches the Parent Education class that is court ordered for parents of minor children experiencing a divorce or custody issue.

    We also offer the Pre-Marital Counseling teaches couples getting married
    to work together to navigate the many issues of marriage. We discuss
    financial issues, stress, anger and children and many issues that they will
    encounter as a married couple.

    Test Anxiety Reduction. There are three main areas students can work on
    To reduce test anxiety when it begins to interfere with test performance.
    Mental preparation is the primary concern of in reducing test anxiety.
    Physical preparation is the second important area of test anxiety.
    Relaxation Techniques is the third way you can reduce test anxiety.
    When mental and physical preparation is practiced before and during an
    exam, We prepare children to use these three areas to reduce test anxiety.

  • Educational Development

    We help people to recognize and develop skills in dealing with other people. We strengthen peoples’ ability to change their behavior. We teach people how to learn proper behavior. We serve people who are involved in the legal system.

  • Parent Coordination

    Parent Coordinators empower families through skills development which will assist them in resolving their own disputes, provide access to appropriate services and offer a variety of dispute resolution strategies so that the family can resolve problems without additional emotional trauma. The children and parents benefit from this intervention

  • Counseling- Adults, Children, Adolescents. Individuals. Couples and Family

    Through talk therapy we help people to realize their potential. Using Conflict- Resolution we teach people to communicate in a functional manner.

    Couples, Families and Individuals learn to l=work together in an amicable manner.