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SFCS will help recover your credit report and REVIEW IT with you, we'll go over the specific details of your credit history with you and identify what items in your history are damaging your credit. SFCS will also analyze your positive credit and explain how to optimize your report using techniques for paying bills and opening or closing credit. You are billed nothing until this is complete and you've decided to move forward with our service. Truly no obligation. Whether or not you sign up, SFCS bet you'll learn something.

Personalized Service

Service First Credit Solutions pride our business on personalized and professional service. We provide a one-on-one experience, fostering the Client/Agent relationship. We will breakdown your report, attack the derogatory items that affect your score and the ability to obtain new credit. Lastly, we will provide updated reports, challenge inaccurate, misleading and unverifiable items.

More Features


SFCS makes it easy to understand your credit with FICO Scores, credit reports and alerts from all 3 bureaus.


Credit Monitoring:

Stay on top of changes to your credit.

You monitor your credit files at Experian, TransUnion and Equifax you will be notified of important changes,

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Identity Monitoring:

Detect threats to your identity

You are alerted of potential threats to your identity with advanced identity theft monitoring. Identity theft is not something to take lightly. It can have far-reaching consequences for your financial life, including your credit.

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How It Works

Step # 1

SFCS will work with you in obtaining your Credit Reports (Free Credit Report) from the 3 Credit Bureaus, Equifax, Transunion, and Experian, preferably to pull all three credit reports with additional benefits offered as a member. If you’re not sure of MYFICO you can pull from any provider.

Step # 2

SFCS will provide you with a deep Credit Analysis of your credit report identifying All Inaccuracies, Addresses, Dates, Amounts, any and all that’s negatively affecting your Credit Score.

SFCS provides a Step by Step Plan to Restore Your Credit Worthiness.

Step # 3

SFCS loads all of the Inaccurate, Misleading, and Unverifiable information into our system and begin challenging questionable information with the bureaus, creditors and collectors. Once the dispute letters are ready, SFCS sends them out waiting period is around 30 to 45 days for updates, your progress can be tracked through our online portal, our efforts are Aggressive and Result Oriented. SFCS focuses on Fixing your credit from start to finish, Our Goal is to Help Consumers reach their Financial Aspiration and Freedoms afforded to those with Good Credit.

Step # 4

Once the Updated Reports are returned, SFCS analyze the updates for any changes to the inaccurate, misleading, and unverifiable information. The changes are updated we update your file and on to the next round of Disputes. If items are returned Verified with no change, SFCS will follow up with the credit bureaus to try and get a resolution on why the inaccurate information is still on client’s report, resources available for special cases.

Pricing List

One Time

Credit Analysis

$149.00 Plan Includes

1. Reviewing of your report for any Unidentifiable and Inaccurate items.

2. Review Outdated Accounts.


Service Charge

$99.00 Plan Includes

1. Analysis and Review of Client File status.

2. Receiving and Processing manual updates.

About Us

Owner of Service First Credit Solutions, and Former Marine found himself without Resident of his own nor employment to speak of, having to re-invent himself due to Life Lessons found himself receiving resources and assistance for shelter from A Veteran Organization (US VETS) which provided resources for Housing, Counseling, Medical, Job Outreach, EDD Service and much more, after his the two-year VIP Program was over a New set of Challenges arose, Housing, Food, Bills, Essentials, along with CREDIT RESTORATION were immediate requirements . As a Former Marine and the Life Lessons taught he immediately began the Rebuild, starting with building relationships and Understanding How Credit Restoration works. Late Payments, No Payments, Collections, Paid Collections, Charge Off, these are terms that was affecting the credit score, with a FICO she Goal score of 539, a Car Title Loan, and additional rent deposit with a co-signer for an apartment was devastating and embarrassing, this Journey is what has prompted SFCS to be born, current FICO score is above 750 and has been for the past 2 years and working to take advantage of Higher Credit Limits, Better Interest Rates, Insurance Rates, Home Loans, over all a more Comfortable Living, having the means to Live Your Best Life, The Investment in You Is Worth It. Do not waste Time that you’ll never get back, Live Your Best Life. .

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