About Quick Pet Locators

Dedicated to reducing the missing pet epidemic NUMBERS with the NEWEST TECHNOLOGY to date on recovering your pet QUICKLY!

By taking action today you INCREASE your chances of QUICK recovery by 93%! Together with good tag information, micro chipping, picture recognition websites and neighbor watches you can INCREASE your chances even more!

The TKStar 909 is one of the most useful devices currently on the market for pets today that offers a starting point to help determine EXACTLY where your pet has GONE! Now you do not have to spend hours driving around neighborhoods or sitting at home worried because your pet has not yet come home, or worse yet... if you will ever see them AGAIN! Just take a minute and imagine your pet was lost… Now take a minute and think how much better you’ll feel knowing YOU and your PET are protected! Take action today so your pet does not become a statistic!


Insert FREE SIM CARD and IMMEDIATELY you can interact with TKStar 909 GPS tracker using the free download for IOS and ANDROID devices, no need to set up IP PORT, APN etc.


You can track the history route of the pet for up to 6 months via both web platform and app. Make a call to the SIM number in the device it will pick up your call automatically allowing your built-in speaker to monitor voices or sounds around the device.


It has built-in-battery 3.7V 500 AH LI-ION that offers up to 400 standby hours. When the battery is less than 10% (low battery)TKStar 909 will send SMS message notifications to master contact.

GEO-FENCE ( best feature)

You can set up a safe zone and protect your pet with a virtual fence that sends you escape alerts when the pet leaves the designated area, before they can get lost!


Comes in assorted colors. The TKStar 909 GPS Locator also includes a FREE SIM card, instructions and charger.


THe TKStar 909 is waterproof with a rating of IP66.

Why Choose Our Products?


Because the first 24-48 hours are CRITICAL! Efforts put in during this time will dramatically INCREASE chances of QUICK recovery with an accuracy of 5-10m.

Our Products

K909 Popular Small Pet Tracker With GSM


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