Fix And Flap

Buy Right & Budget Right

"We create a scope of work that will help our investors keep their rehab and design costs down so we are always on target to complete the project. Providing professional property inspections allow us to get essential information we need to provide our investors with a detailed scope of work, while never compromising quality."

"Paradise residential brokerage has perfected what it takes to help our investors and consumers profit and meet their needs for growth and wealth. Our business model is simple yet efficiently effective. It includes:"

"Buy properties with significant discounts"

"Rehab and design with affordable prices, while not compromising quality"

"Keep our communities affordable"

"Sell for profit so that our investors and communities’ benefit "

Design and Rehab

Our design team and contractors work closely together to deliver our investors a product that creates a wow effect for the new buyer. We believe it is imperative that when a buyer walks into your home, they are wowed and want to purchase now! For that reason, prb properties will stand out from the rest of the properties on the market. We have a team of contractors that are keenly aware of the timelines we must meet to re-sell our properties fast without compromising your return on investment (roi).


We pride ourselves on bringing our investors high rois to meet their specific real estate needs. Our approach demonstrates our ability to address the real estate investor community. In turn, it benefits the community and keeps many of our communities we serve affordable.