My name is Berkey Steele. I am married to Dorothy Steele, my one and only wife of 54 plus years. We have two sons, David and Daniel. David is Pastor of a Baptist Church in Mississippi and Postmaster of a Post Office in Louisiana. Daniel is Minister of Music of a Baptist Church in Georgia. I was ordained to the Deacon Ministry two yeas after I got married. I have served several churches in their Deacon Ministries, and have severed several Churches as Chairman of Deacons.

For the past more than ten years, I have taught the book of Revelation and preached messages from it on a limited, part-time basis. I have a strong desire to continue this ministry on a full-time basis. Some would describe it as a ‘calling’. In order to do that, I must pay off some short-term debt. I owned and operated a grounds maintenance business until last year, when I had to terminate it due to health problems. I realized before I actually terminated the business, it’s income would stop. The short-term debt was created to replace that income. To this point, the alternative income is not available.

Christians need to hear the promises of Revelation. The days of Revelation are fast approaching. I believe I am qualified to reveal Revelation because of my love for the message of the book and my ability to quote its contents. Many Pastors do not preach sermons on the book due to lack of study and confidence in understanding the book.

My goal for fund raising is $50,000 for debt retirement and support of a full-time Ministry. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated and wisely spent.