Let our team of baggage experts help you claim up to $3,800.00

At Lost Luggage Leader, we offer a seemingly simple but often complicated service:


Here, our clients seek consultation from us on how to go about the process of claiming the value of their lost luggage to receive compensation, potentially up to $3,800.00.

Reviewing claims:

We check your claim form prior to submission to the airline so you may get justly compensated for the lost contents of your lost luggage. In this case, you upload a copy of the completed claim form with everything you have lost to us.

○ We shall advise on the items that are covered and fall under the airline’s limits of liability and the items that require a receipt to prove ownership so you can get everything in order. This is done to prepare you for any unexpected surprises for those items that will be denied for compensation.

○ We also advise on the maximum amount for compensation you can receive, based on your travel route. A client may be eligible to get compensated up to $3,800 per person.

Provide guidance:

We know airlines have different policies when it comes to their Contract of Carriage; by reviewing your claim, we guide you so you can adhere to the respective airline’s terms and conditions to claiming the contents of your lost luggage.

Our goal after these services is that you get fairly compensated for the loss of personal property. When all paperwork is in order, the airline compensates you accordingly.

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