Let our team of baggage experts help you claim up to $3,800.00



    Thank you for providing the requested information. You qualify for our assistance in providing guidance to receive compensation
    potentially, up to $3,500 depending on your travel route. Please call or email us for faster service. We cannot wait to assist you.

    It Appears Your Airline Still Considers Your Bag As 'Delayed' At This Time. After 5 Days From Incident Date, You Are Eligible To File A Loss Bag Claim. You Will Then Qualify For Our Assistance In Reviewing Your Claim Form Prior To

    11. Can Lost Luggage Leader prepare the claim form on my behalf and submit to the airline?
    Answer: Regrettably no, only the passenger can sign and submit the claim form to the airline unless the passenger is a miner, and a parent or guardian signs the form. When a passenger purchases an airline ticket, this is a binding agreement between to two parties, where the passenger agrees to the airline’s terms and condition per the airline’s Contract of Carriage.
    22. Once I submit my claim form to Lost Luggage Leader, how long will it take to review my claim.
    Answer: We are aware that timing is critical, and most airlines require a claim to be filed within 30 days of the incident, therefore we strive to review your form within 24 to 48 hours.
    33. What is the process once I have submitted my claim form to Lost Luggage Leader?
    Answer: A team member will contact you directly to discuss our findings with you, please have the copy of your claim form ready and available for our discussion.
    44. After submitting my claim form to the airline, they found my bag, do I get a refund?
    Answer: Regrettably no, since we have already provided the service and invested time and resources with your case, we are unable to provide a refund, however, look on the bright side, you will finally be reunited with your missing personal belongings.
    55. Do you assist with any other baggage related issues such as submitting a claim for interim expenses since my delayed bag was returned to me?
    Answer: No, at this time we only assist our clients whose bags have been deemed lost after five (5) days have passed and the airline is not able to successfully locate it.
    66. How do I submit the claim form to Lost Luggage Leader?
    • Answer: The claim form must be sent as an attachment via email, detailed instruction will be provided upon payment of service fees.
    77. Can Lost Luggage Leader me help find my bag?
    Answer: Unfortunately, no, the tracing of your bag is sole the responsibility of the airlines. Most airlines use their baggage tracking software to locate your missing bag.
    88. How much would the airline pay me?
    We cannot quote a definite amount since this varies per individual claims; however it all depends on your travel route, traveling on a domestic itinerary, the maximum liability for your checked baggage is $3,800 (USD) per ticketed person. For international travel, the maximum liability is $9.07/lb for checked bags, and $400 (USD) per passenger for unchecked bags under the Warsaw Convention. If your international travel is covered by the Montreal Convention, the liability for loss or delay of your baggage is limited to 1,288 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) per passenger.
    99. Can you guarantee payment from the airline?
    No, we cannot guarantee a specific settlement amount, the airline makes the determination and provides the final resolution.
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