About Us

Our background in the lost luggage industry

Our teams are experts that have amassed over 100 years of combined service and experience processing lost baggage claims with numerous airlines, to include legacy carriers such as United, Delta, Emirates and American Airlines. Our team members have been instrumental in assisting thousands of passengers with lost baggage claims.

But before our service was available, we did notice that there was a problem with passengers losing their luggage, and no one was there to help them through the whole process. It was more of a lack of knowledge issue; thus, we step in to help.

Most airlines simply gave out the baggage claim forms and expected the passengers to fill in without any guidance. The main problem here is that most people did not understand nor know how to do it correctly and consequently they end up getting, in some cases, completely denied compensation for their personal property lost by the airline.

Even when the airline does not recover the baggage, compensations can be denied because of the same incompetence in filling the claim form. However, you must know that denial of the settlement of certain items such as jewellery or other claimed items due to lack of ownership proof is a possibility. Thus, these problems needed solutions; therefore, we step in to help and be the bridge to ensure our clients recoup the fair value of their lost bag content, in most cases, up to $3,800.00 by correctly filing their claim form and getting equitably compensated for what they have lost.

Why hire us

Here are some of the things we offer you once you get on board to hire our services.

We are Transparent.

We are a business that is built on transparency and trust. We offer our clients an amicable channel of communication and tell them exactly how the process works. We will peruse all items claimed and if we see a mistake in your claim form, we are candid to tell you about it. We use the contact information you give us to inform you how things are going within 24 to 48 hours of uploading your claim form,

We are Dedicated.

We have an undying dedication, and our goal is that you get fairly compensated for your lost property.

We are connected.

Regardless of the airline or where you are coming from, we have a vast network of agents who will help guide you in this process.

We help guide you to get reimbursed for your loss.

Our team will help you understand and quantify the compensation you deserve from the responsible airline.

We have affordable rates.

A nominal fee of $55 can make a huge difference between maximum compensation for your lost items up to $3,800.00 or zero dollars ($0) if your claim is denied in its entirety.

Bottom line

Contact us today so that we can help you with your lost luggage paperwork and provide guidance in this process. Remember, the faster you talk to us and give us all the details, five days after your loss, the faster we can help. Time is of the essence. Let us help you!

There are millions of unclaimed lost luggage lying around in airports all over the world. Some of them the owners could not correctly convince the airline it was theirs because of wrongfully filled claim forms; others, the owners failed to file for their loss in the first place. Do not let this be you! We can help.

Let us Help