Unfortunately, sometimes you do not get reunited with your lost bag. We know it is devastating losing your luggage, and that is why we have set up a route to help our clients recoup the value of your lost content up to $3,800.00.

Regrettably, most passengers are not fully compensated or in some cases completely denied compensation simply because they did not fill the baggage claim forms correctly. And this is where we come in!

We are streamlining this process for you to so you can recover the value of your personal items potentially up to $3,800.00 depending on your travel route.

Our team is here for you and will advise on the likely reimbursement amount you may get for your lost luggage.

After the first five days of missing your baggage, you should submit a lost baggage claim with your airline. But Wait! Do not submit your claim before talking to us!

We provide help with your lost baggage claim report. Most people have no idea how to go about this process, and that is why we are here!

Airlines must follow through with some rules from governing bodies such as the Department of Transportation, DOT, or the Montreal Convention. Also, other binding agreements of their Contract of Carriage often limit their liability when a bag and its contents get lost.


Our teams are experts that have amassed over 100 years of combined service and experience processing lost baggage claims with numerous airlines, to include legacy carriers such as United, Delta, Emirates and American Airlines. Our team members have been instrumental in assisting thousands of passengers with lost baggage claims.

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At Lost Luggage Leader, we offer a seemingly simple but often complicated service: .



Here, our clients seek consultation from us on how to go about the process of claiming

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Reviewing claims

We check your claim form prior to submission to the airline

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Provide guidance

We know airlines have different policies when it comes to their Contract of Carriage; by reviewing your claim, we guide you so you can adhere to the respective airline’s terms and conditions to claiming the contents of your lost luggage.

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