Register your Will or Trust today, so that when you’re gone your heirs will know your wishes.
Very often, your heirs don’t know if you have a Will or Trust, or where it can be found,
or if the one they find is the current version.


• You've just learned that your uncle has died. Did he have a Will or Trust? Where would it be found?

• You recall that he had a Lawyer write a Will or Trust. Does anyone remember the Lawyer's Name?

• If you find his Will or Trust, is it the latest version?


Locate My Will solves all these questions,
when the Will or Trust is registered here.

Why You Need This Service

How Our Service Works

We don't write Wills or Trusts. We don't provide Estate Planning. What we do is provide a place where your heirs can find your Will or Trust, and know that they're seeing the latest version.

Every client on is given a private, secure, encrypted password-protected area, where they can provide some final answers - type of funeral, religious needs, cemetery plats owned, whether to be buried or cremated, type of coffin desired or where the ashes are to be scattered - but also important information for heirs such as a listing of bank accounts, brokerages, safety deposit boxes, public storage spaces, to whom the rent or the mortgage is paid, etc. You can also upload a copy of your Will or Trust, several important documents, and some treasured photographs. You and only you, will determine to whom you will give the special "read-only" password to enter this secure area. charges only $25 to set up this service and then only $10 each year thereafter. The annual fee is not designed to make us rich, but to require you to keep your information up-to-date.

Even if you don't have a Will or Trust, you may choose to sign up so that your family will know your wishes and have your thoughts. Such thoughts are not legally binding, like a Will or Trust, but family members can choose to honor them.