J-L Sales Company of Needham, MA is Manufactures' Agent representing many well known companies supplying PVF Products and Plumbing Products to Wholesalers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Who We Represent


Alro Products International

Malleable Fittings, Copper Fittings, Steel Nipples, Steel Couplings, Brass Fittings, Brass Nipples, Copper Tubing, 10’ Steel Pipe, PVC DWV Fittings, and PEX Tubing & PEX Fittings.


Macon Plastics, Inc.

PVC Fittings Molded & Fabricated;Solvent Weld, Gasketed & Flanged ;PVC Sewer Fittings 4"PVC thru 36"; CID C900 Fittings 4" thru 36": PVC Sced 40 & 80 DWV Fitting 4" thru 24"; IPS Pressure Fittings 6" thru 24"; Catch Basins & Inline Drains.


Black Swan Manufacturing

Pipe joint Compounds, Wax Gaskets, Heating System Compounds, Plastic Pipe Cements, Drain Cleaners, etc.


Pond Dam Piping, Ltd.

Piping Systems, Valving & Accesssories for Pond Management & Other Applications.


CNC Distribution LLC

Supplier of Imported & Domestic Specialty Products for the Plumbing Industry.



SetFast Adjustable Closet Bolts, Johni-Bar, & Plug-N-Stub,Test Plugs.


Component Hardware Group,Inc

CHG/ENCORE PRE-Rinses, Food Service, Commercial and Institutional Faucets with SANIGUARD Antimicrobial Protective Finish.


Thermafit Industries,Inc

CPVC Fire Sprinkler Fittings,EZC Plastic No-Hub Couplings, and additional Metal & Plastic Piping Products.


Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co

PVC Flexible Couplings. Valve & Meter Boxes: and Drains, Shower Pan Liners; and many more Specialties.


Union Brass Manufacturing Co

Brass Faucets For Kitchen, Bath, Laundry, Commercial, and Specialty Applications. Many Hard to Find Older Style Faucets with an all inclusive parts for all products.


Lesso-America, Inc

PVC & ABS DWV Fittings ; PVC Schedule 40 & 80 Pressure Fittings


Whedon Products

Shower Heads, Hand Held Showers, Shower Accessories, and Aerators.

About Us

J-L Sales serves abroad base of wholesale customer across New England with

Plumbing Products

J-L Sales has been instrumental in the Promotion, Marketing, and Sales of the SetFastTM Closet Bolt in New England. Other plumbing products represented by J-L Sales Including Encore Plumbing , Saniguard, and Top Line products from Component Hardware Group are found on jobs and wholesalers shelves as are products from Union Brass, Black Swan, and Dallas Specialty.

Pipe Valves and Fittings Products

J-L Sales is sells Alro Products Malleables, Cast Iron, Brass, Copper Fittings, Copper Press Fittings, Steel and Brass Nipples to wholesalers throughout the territory.

Plastic Piping Products

J-L Sales has a long history of promoting Plastics to the Plumbing, Industrial, Water and Sewer, and Septic markets. The current offering includes PVC and ABS DWV Fittings and PVC 40 and 80 Pressure Fittings from Lesso-America. Catch Basins, In-Line and Fabricated Fittings from Macon Plastics. Fittings, Valves and Accessories for Pond and various other application from Pong Dam, Piping.

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