Self-Reparations truly begins in earnest with the formal establishment of a Leadership Council and with the creation of Forty Million And A Tool, the Not-For­-Profit administrative entity. To ensure the trust of African Americans our Leadership Council will be comprised of a cross-section of recognized and trustworthy African Americans who must be committed to transparency at all levels. They will be charged with the concrete responsibility to achieve an array of goals for our people including, but not limited to:

  • Devise positive strategies to build and maintain wealth.
  • Negotiate voluntary reparations payments from corporations and governments abroad.
  • Acknowledge Whites For Reparations and establish institutional mechanisms for their support, monetarily and otherwise.
  • Make Forty Million And A Tool an Internet Service Provider (ISP), bringing low cost cable and/or broadband access to all African American households.
  • Provide assistance to elderly African Americans.
  • Establish at least four (4) full-service insurance companies to serve African Americans nationwide.
  • Acquire holdings and/or properties where appropriate and lawful.
  • Restore African Americans to good credit backed by AASDRF funds.
  • Provide entrepreneurial assistance to African Americans.
  • Provide emergency assistance to African Americans.
  • Move every African American household to financial security.
  • Provide for the education of African American children and eventually guarantee African American children at least one million dollars upon their 25th birthday, with conditions.

NOTE: Clearly there are many capable African Americans who could comprise dozens of leadership councils and so the standing Leadership Council, whatever the make-up, will certainly call upon others to advise, assist and otherwise commit resources in furtherance of Self-Reparations. In addition to any such leadership council(s) there will necessarily exist an ever growing Council of Elders, consisting of those who have long been engaged in our struggle and who yearn to pass the legacy into capable and unified young African American hands. I am confident they will support and lend their best guidance to the pursuit and attainment of our birthright of wealth.