Tier Transitioning

Why you are better served as a Crime Crusher Affiliate at all times?

The Crime Crusher is dear to us and this is why you win with us. . It’s a currency design with a means to reduce violence and make a safer environment for our loved ones and yours. Without having a constant rate of prison recidivism and victims of mass incarceration we still can have a safer environment. The safety will however depend on us not undereducating.

To help with a smooth transitioning into the digital currency world we have put together a platform of Tiers in order to push every individual possible forward. Success is what we focus on because all we have accomplish started with a success vision and putting actions behind what was seen initially only in the mind prior to manifestation. So join us and become healthier while helping to make the world safer through empirical evidence based education.

Tier 1: (Self Service)

You must go to one of our various sites and download your waves wallet. LIst various sites here. Next you must purchase your Crime Crusher Coins at the www.certifieddevelopment.net or Google CDCG Reform to find the site. Send us your waves wallet address and proof of your purchase by receipt. As we receive your receipts and wallet addresses we will upload and disperse coins into your wallets. Allow 72 hours of data processing time.

Tier 2: (Intermediate)

In this tier before we can proceed, we will need a phone number if applicable, an email address from you of your choice and your coin purchase verifications.. We advise you use an email that is personally yours which you don’t share with other users. We will download your waves wallet and send the address and seed codes to you via email with instructions on how to access it on your phone.

Available Services

  • CoinBase account setup
  • CoinBase Account / Active Trade Investing

Services Provided:

  • Waves Wallet setup

TRANSACTION FEE: 4% of Total coin transaction / Payable in C4 Coins

Tier 3: (Novice)

You send us your method of payments and we purchase the coins for you at C4 Release Solutions. We will purchase the coins for you and complete all of Tier 2 and Tier 1 for you. This does include setting up a personal email for you following a brief phone call.

Affiliates of Tier 3 will receive 2 free classes about digital currency and receive 2500 C4 Coins upon completing the second training. Through the training one is afforded opportunity for learning the industry in real time or online immediately.

Available Services:

  • CoinBase account Setup
  • CoinBase Account / Active Trade Investing