Brings Me The Leads

How It Works

Bring Me The Leads process is simple. We leverage specialized software to connect each individual investor with front line “Bird Dogs” who will be on the lookout for motivated sellers, on your behalf! These “Bird Dogs” are practically falling all over themselves to work with you! Why? We explain the Bird Dog commission and benefits during our initial communication when connecting them with you. They are so excited to hear about the opportunity and are off and looking for your next motivated seller immediately. What if you had 5, 10, 50 or even 100 bird dogs looking for motivated sellers for you? CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW MUCH MONEY YOU WILL MAKE WITH THESE BIRD DOGS WHEN THE FORECLOSURE AND EVICTION MORITORIUMS ARE LIFTED DUE TO COVID? THE INVESTORS WITH BRING ME THE LEADS WILL BE HEAD AND SHOULDERS AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE!

Absolute Must for New Real Estate Investors! Hit The Ground Running!

Feature Comparison

Old way to struggle for Leads Cost (dependent on investor budget.)

Old Way To Struggle For Leads Cost (Dependent on Investor Budget) Bring Me The Leads
Buy Questionable Motivated Seller Lists $ 0
Send Postcard And Letters $$ 0
Skip Trace $ 0
Autodialer for Cold Calls $ 0
Online Advertising (PPC; SEO) $$$ 0
Driving For Dollars $ 0
Billboards. radio and TV Ads $$$ 0
Virtual Assistant to Manage Marketing $ 0
Total Monthly = $$$$$$$$$$$$$ $250 One Time Free

How it works




Small One Time Fee for a Small Army of Bird Dogs

20 Bird Dog Connections




BEST VALUE – More than Double Your Army of Bird Dogs

50 Bird Dog Connections




Aggressive Investors Who Want a Large Army of Bird Dogs

75 Bird Dog Connections




For Investors Who Want to OR Are Currently Dominating Their Market

100 Bird Dog Connections


What Investors Are Saying

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