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We are more than a management company. Basham Management & Associates, Inc. provides customized business solutions as your strategic partner helping to improve processes, increase revenue while decrease spending without sacrificing quality.

Whether you are a startup, a stressed company needing a turnaround, or a small, medium, or large business wanting to increase your marketplace exposure, we can help you. With over 35 years of experience in managing and developing businesses and increasing their cash flow, we have a proven and unique business niche that focuses on developing strategies and implementing services that are customized to fit the needs of your business. Basham Management & Associates, Inc. recognizes that every business is unique, and our goal is to earn your business, grow your business, increase employee retention, and build lasting relationships.

Through strategically identifying your business’s challenges and applying solutions, we can lead you and your company to its full growth potential.

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Our Services

Basham Management & Associates, Inc. partners with your company and provides customized business solutions that increases revenue and avoids lost business opportunities, giving our clients a competitive edge with an average of 20 - 50 % revenue increase within the first year. Discover how your business and employees can benefit from our services.

Why Basham Management & Associates, Inc.


We draw on our Omnichannel expertise to help you deliver a seamless customer experience across channels.


Our world-class approach delights customers and reduces costs.


Basham is the industry leader in developing deep customer insights powered by advanced analytics.


We’ve averaged 20 – 50% in revenue increases within the first year and 100% success turning stressed businesses into profitable businesses.


We offer industry-specific Simple & Digital solutions for Telcos and other industries.


We Increase Employee Retention, Productivity, and Motivation.

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    List Of Industries

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    1Medical Industry
    Hospitals, Immediate Care, Urgent Care, Primary Care, Home Health Care, Physical Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Medical Equipment, Billing, & Medical Staffing
    2Health & Fitness Industry
    Athletic Clubs, Tennis & Racquetball, Coed and Women Only Fitness Centers, Gyms, Personal Fitness Training, Commercial Fitness Equipment, Martial Arts
    3Beauty Salons & Spa
    4Staffing Industry
    Medical, Manufacturing, and Corporate
    5Financial Industry
    Accounting, Lending, and Factoring
    7Hospitality Industry
    Banquet Hall & Convention Center, Restaurant, Wedding Venue, Events
    8Manufacturing Industry
    Commercial Bath, Commercial Fitness Equipment,
    9Advertising & Marketing
    10Tradeshows & Events
    Businesses, Across Cultures, Weddings, Concerts, & Political
    11Trucking Industry



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