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1. Difficulties in communicating with new teachers

When moving from elementary to middle school, or when changing classes or schools, it can be difficult for students to get used to new people. Each teacher has their own teaching style. Schoolchildren have to quickly adapt to the requirements, manner of speech, sense of humor of different teachers. Misunderstandings and conflicts are inevitable.

To cope with difficulties at school, the child must be self-confident, understand that parents are always ready to take his side. Usually, confidence appears when the child succeeds in something. If you have taken the help of Bid for writing then you will see how your child becomes confident through writing papers. But that's not all. Be interested in the concerns of a teenager, offer help, let him know that he can always count on you.

2. Change of interests

In adolescence, students have an increased need to communicate with their peers. Common interests and activities are much more attractive than school lessons and homework. The pleasure of likes in social networks is also much greater than from fives in an electronic diary. Therefore, it is important that he find like-minded people in his studies there too. If he finds like-minded people in writing papers and uses the help from you will then see how many friends he will have. Thus, without forbidding the social network, you can make it so that it encourages him to study.

It is useless to fight with a child, because this is a natural stage of development.Instead, use this social urge as a motivation for learning: invite the student to gather a group of friends and organize, for example, a literary club where they can write their own stories and discuss what they have read, or an engineering workshop. Here you need to know what and how to write, and you can’t do without the help of in study. In such places, school knowledge of writing written papers, physics and mathematics take on meaning, their benefits become obvious.

3. Loss of motivation

In elementary grades, learning itself is not easy for children. To be successful in the classroom, you need to be able to learn: for example, write accurately, remember to look in your diary, turn in work on time, understand what you read and ask questions. Usually by the fifth grade, the guys master the learning skills and the school ceases to seem so difficult.

Without a sense of overcoming, learning becomes uninteresting, so the student begins to look for new tasks for himself: at best, children go headlong into sports or creativity, at worst, they end up in a dangerous company.

The task of parents is to be in touch with the child, to build a trusting relationship from the very beginning. Ask not only about grades, but also about new knowledge that the child has learned. Imagine if the school website had the opportunity to rate teachers and write comments. Ask what meaningful remarks the teenager would make to each subject.
Create conditions in which the child will be interested in learning new things: send him to visiting schools, diving, master classes, olympiads and competitions.

Of course, emotional upheavals or excessive physical exertion can turn a student away from school for a long time. When the cause of stress is obvious - a fight with a best friend, the death of a pet, or problems in the family - others relate to the deterioration in academic performance with understanding. But sometimes the effect of a shock can be delayed: for example, a teenager's parents divorced, and this affected the child's academic performance only after six months or even a year. In this case, the reason is not always obvious, so you should be more attentive to the feelings of a teenager and, if you can’t deal with the problem on your own, contact a specialist.

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