About Us


Curt & I have always been very conscious about disposition, but as soon as you have a baby it becomes “VERY” important! Alice is every horse parent’s dream; she says herself she is “horse crazy”. She is always “training” her toys & her dog “Lola”, & asking us “when are we going to go ride?”, “when are we going to go work cattle?”.

She is the sunlight in our lives & makes our work & riding more meaningful. It gives us special pleasure to select & train horses that can give other families the joy of spending time with each other while enjoying their horses.

Our horses make riding fun!

A rancher in Wyoming purchased a very nice sorrel gelding "Jimmy" from us. He told Curt his girls were good help on the ranch, but he had to beg them to ride, so they needed a safe horse. 6 months later, he couldn't keep them off of Jimmy. During calving that is the only horse they wanted to ride. He told the girls they couldn't use him 24 hours a day, (they were both day and & night calving on Jimmy).

Point; an outstanding, safe, horse is the best way for you & your family to learn to enjoy riding!

Our Approach

Our philosophy on developing our horses is slow & easy; we prefer to start them young with pasture riding, trailing cattle & then wait for them to grow before adding anything physically stressful. We start everything in a bosal & later add a bit. Curt & I both agree it helps keep their mouth soft & light. Curt likes to ride in a bosal and continues to ride even his favorite older horses during calving in a bosal (He doesn't like warming cold bits up in the middle of the night) if they are still responding well to it.

All our colts are hobble broke, scotch hobbled, bathed, desensitized, & then thoroughly ground worked by Anne before we start riding them in the round pen. How long they are worked in the round pen depends on the colt. Most are out in a couple days. The day they leave the round pen we try put them behind cattle

Our Story

Curt grew up ranching & starting his own ranch horses. His best horses over the years have always been the ones he started himself as colts. He is at his best putting miles on them pasture riding & claims the only way he can train a horse is "if they are looking at a cow through a bridle." Curt has a passion for working cattle horseback.

I myself, (Anne), enjoyed starting colts with my brother as a business when I was younger & because we lived in ranch country/trained for ranchers; we soon were able to offer horses we had owned for a while as ranch mounts that everyone in the family could enjoy. I have always wanted my horses to want to be with me & am always looking for better ways to show them what riders are expecting of them. Both Curt & I want our horses to have strong confidence in us. A horse with strong confidence in a rider will take care of you in a wreck; a scared horse will hurt you every time!!!

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